Ita Bag Preorder Info

Hi! I'm Pengu, the artist behind PenguChan Studios! I am a full-time artist and creator, and I create all sorts of cute merch that I sell on my online shop. I also run a monthly enamel pin club and have a discord community.

I'm really excited to get this project going! (Did you know that I've been working on this bag for over a year?) Two samples later, lots of design tweaks & structural changes, and the Flower Box Ita Bag was - finally - created!

I was inspired by Ghibli and ACNH aesthetics when I designed this ita bag.


If you've been following me for any amount of time, you've probably noticed I like to make interactive products, and this ita bag is no different:

  1. The shutters actually work! Yes - you can open and close them!
  2. The flower box front is interchangeable!

Let's take a look at how it works! (See video below)



This bag was specifically created with designer bags in mind, while keeping it pin-friendly and functional for everyday use. It has a mixture of PU (vegan/faux) leather, in addition to printed, embroidered, and decorative stitching details. This variety of textures makes this bag stand out - plus, it's durable and relatively easy to clean!

Oh, and there's no external plastic hardware! The external zippers have gold-tone metal teeth and heart pulls. The magnetic snap buttons that hold the shutters open and the flower box on are also gold-tone metal, just to be extra (both for looks and strength)!

Despite this bag being marketed as an ita bag, the beauty of it is that it doesn't have to be used as one - you can keep both shutters closed, or even have only one open if your collection is still growing!

Default bag options

The Flower Box Ita Bag comes in two default options to choose from:

  • Blue Shutters | Rose Front & Pink Ita Insert
  • White Shutters | Sunflower Front & Navy Ita Insert

If you want to mix-and-match, there are add-ons for both the Flower Box Fronts and extra Ita Insert colors (see "Add-Ons" section).

Interactive, Interchangeable, & Convertible!

On top of having some interactive elements, the Flower Box Ita Bag is also convertible!

There are 5 D-rings on the bag to make it convertible. Each bag comes with 3 separate straps!


Thanks to the adjustable faux leather straps, 5 D-rings (3 on back + 2 on sides), & swiveling gold lobster clasps, you can wear the Flower Box Ita Bag in multiple ways! The crossbody strap (x1) can be adjusted up to 48 inches & and the backpack straps (x2) can be adjusted up to 41 inches.

External Bag Dimensions:  10.5"L x 10.5"W x 4"D

Each ita bag (your choice of shutter color) comes with a (x1) corresponding Flower Box Front and (x1) corresponding removable Ita Insert, plus a (x3) set of convertible backpack & crossbody straps! (See "default options" above for corresponding options.)

The Flower Box Front is interchangeable and the Ita Insert is removable, however the shutters are NOT removable from the base bag due to structural considerations.


Preorder-exclusive pricing for the Flower Box Ita Bag is $90 USD! Any bags leftover from the campaign will be sold at a higher retail price.

Displaying Your Pins

There is a separate, zippered pocket compartment dedicated to displaying your pins while also protecting them! The ita compartment has two zippers for extra strength and security.


Double-zippered front display compartment!

 You'll notice that there are NO rough edges or hardware in the separate ita compartment to avoid damaging your pins! The ita window features durable, clear PVC for the best pin viewing experience! Because the bag is relatively square-shaped, you don't have to worry about your Ita Insert rotating inside the display pocket, either!

The default pink removable insert that comes with the "Blue Shutter + Rose" ita option. Pins not included, but are available for separate purchase on my website!


Inside The Bag

While this bag is considered "mini backpack" sized, the design is optimized to fit everything you would need for your daily activities! 


  • Overall base bag dimensions: 10.5"L x 10.5"W x 4"D
  • Ita Window: 7.5"W x 6.25"H
  • Removable Ita Insert: 10.25"W x 10.25"H
  • Crossbody Strap: extends to ~48"
  • Backpack Straps: extends to ~41"

From Sample To Mass Production

I only have a physical sample of the Blue Shutter + Rose Ita Bag. Because I don't have a physical sample of the White Shutter + Sunflower Ita Bag, there may be slight variation between the mockup and final product for this variant.


Add Ons

Additional Removable Inserts!

$5 each as additional separate purchases (not interchangeable with the default insert color with a bag purchase)

Buying additional interchangeable flower inserts is also available! While the default options can't be customized at purchase, you can make your ita extra special with a mix-and-match set through add-on purchases! The flower fronts fit the same, so you can switch them between bags.

Price List

  • Patreon Early Bird x1 Ita: $85
  • Patreon Early Bird x2 Ita Bundle: $165
  • Preorder x1 Ita: $90
  • Preorder x2 Ita Bundle: $175
  • Additional x1 Ita Insert: $5
  • Additional x1 Flower Box Front: $15

Retail is $100 each with no bundle or additional "add-on" options.

COLOR DIFFERENCES: The colors of the physical products when in-hand may end up looking a little different than the colors on your monitor.

Preorders are open from Sunday, July 3 (12:01am Eastern) - Sunday, July 10 (11:59pm Eastern).

Patrons have early bird preorder available on Saturday, July 2 (12:01am-11:59pm Eastern), where they also have additional Patron-exclusive discounted pricing.

Since all bags are hand-made by my manufacturer and require overseas shipping via boat, it will take SEVERAL months for the bags to be completed & reach me. The following is an ESTIMATED schedule of the progress for the bags up through fulfillment. I cannot guarantee a specific deadline, but assuming everything stays on track between manufacturing and shipping, I expect the have the bags in-hand in late December / Early January.

July: Funding & Paying for mass production

August - October: Production

November - December: Freight Shipping

January: Order Fulfillment

February: Extras are put into the shop


Refunds, cancellations, or changes on preorders will not be issued for any reason. Please fully read over this page and the product descriptions when purchasing. Only preorder if you understand & accept the above estimated timeline and everything else above!