Restocks & Releases

A continually updated list of upcoming products.

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 Being Manufactured


These are products that are currently in production. Dates of completion are estimated and are not in-hand estimations; shipping from my manufacturers can take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks for products to be in my hands.

Product Estimated Completion
Pins: LE Kirby (Halloween), LE Foofi Friends (Halloween), Rancher, Daisy, Rosalina, Princess Peach, blocks set, Choco & Roomi, Count Candycorn, September Pin Club Late September - Early October
Pins (partial AWA stock): Interchangeable Trees (green, sakura, maple, winter), Interchangeable Fruits (all), Island Loading Early October
Pins: October Pin Club Early October
Beret: Pumpkin Ghost Mid September



 On Their Way To Me


These are products that have been shipped to me from my manufacturers and will be in-hand soon.

Product Estimated Arrival
Pins: Pengi, Spooky Lamp, Bat Fillers, Sakura Petal Fillers, Maple Leaf Fillers, Pumpkins, Interchangeable Acorns, Interchangeable Fruits (Apple & Peach), "Wood" Fence, Maple Tree, Sakura Tree, Green Tree, August Pin Club September 13



 Restocks & Releases


These are products that are in-hand and are being quality checked and/or prepped for an upcoming release.

Product Public Release
Foofi Friends Bakery Box (Strawberry Jelli edition) Mid October
Apparel: Buttercream Pullover September 19 (beginning of Preorder)
Pins: White Fences September 13



 Release Schedule


Please visit the PenguChan Studios Google Calendar for a schedule of upcoming releases and other important dates, including:

  • Patron Early Access via the Secret Shop (Patrons get Early Access to all releases aside from preorders with no cap)
  • Preorder Periods
  • Public Releases

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